Fix Epson Printer Offline Issue in Windows

Nobody would need an Epson printer’s status to appear as offline on a Windows PC, much like some other brand of printers, to guarantee profitable printing needs. This may happen for the most part because of wrong printer arrangements in Windows or because of bugs in the packaged in Epson printer programming. We come up with steps to troubleshoot the printer offline issue and turn back its status in Windows to online.

How to Get Epson Printer Offline Status to Online

  1. Turn OFF your Epson printer and then turn it back ON again.
  2. Press WINDOWS + l > open SETTINGS > click on DEVICES.
  3. Now click on DEVICES AND PRINTER.
  4. Right-click Epson printer icon and choose to SEE WHAT’S PRINTING option.
  5. Cross-check if the option has check-mark, if yes removes it by clicking on the SEE WHAT’S PRINTING option.
  6. Now click on the printer.
  7. And unchecked the option “PAUSE PRINTING” AND “USE DIFFERENT PRINTER”.

Note: If you only see a grey icon & there’s no green check-mark on SEE WHAT IS PRINTING option then just right-click your printer icon and click on “SET AS DEFAULT PRINTER” option. After that right-click it and click “SEE WHAT’S PRINTING“.

Download the driver from the Epson Printer Support Site

The above step will bring the printer back on the web, yet not on the off chance that it is a degenerate printer driver that made its status appear as disconnected in Windows. To investigate that, download the most recent update of the driver programming from the Epson printer bolster site. When you download the driver from the site, follow the underneath steps to include it again Windows.

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Reinstall the Epson Printer in Windows

  1. Launch Run by pressing and holding down Windows and R
  2. Key in MSC in Run and press Enter.
  3. Right-click on the Printers button from Device Manager window, right-click on the Epson printer and click on Uninstall from the popup menu.
  4. Then, open Devices and Printers by navigating to it the same way as mentioned and click on Add a Printer.
  5. In the next dialog box, click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  6. Depending on the Epson printer type, add the driver software in Windows.
  7. Restart the PC after that and see to it if you can use the printer going forward.

Follow these given steps and you will have the option to get back your Epson printer offline back to online status. In any case, on the off chance that it despite everything doesn’t work approach our Epson printer offline help number or chat with our support and get instant answers for How to Bring an Offline Epson Printer Online, Epson printer disconnected how to turn on the web, Epson printer disconnected how to turn online windows 10.

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